I really should have made it clearer that the "Kubrick's ghost" comment was tongue in cheek. I know that Kubrick had a very similar ending in mind for the film but I don't think that really eliminates the problems with the ending or the weirdly sentimental streak in a coda that is, as another commenter pointed out,… » 3/25/12 12:14pm 3/25/12 12:14pm

A brief history of alternate history fiction

This week we take a break from examining alternate timelines and recap the real-life origins of the alternate history genre. Did you know such historical luminaries as Benjamin Disraeli, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and H.G. Wells were alternate history aficionados?

» 5/30/10 10:00am 5/30/10 10:00am

With so many genuine examples of comics hating women why focus on ones that are a terrible stretch? Saying Civil War was about male anxiety of working for Maria Hill is like saying the actual Civil War was about the south not wanting a president with a beard. » 12/05/09 2:34pm 12/05/09 2:34pm